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YouTube Channel

So I know I haven’t posted here in a long time but I just wanted to update that I have made a vlogging channel on YouTube that you can click to get thereĀ here.

Writing blogs proved to be too much for me, especially with school so I wanted to try something different.

If you want to know when I make a new video, please click subscribe and write in the comments if you have any suggestions for future videos!~

Thank you!



My Other Sites

So I thought I would post the other sites that I’m on that you can find me at~


(This is my tumblr that is linked with this wordpress. This is where I’m going to keep my posts/GIFs/photosets of all the anime I’m watching.)

Personal Tumblr

(This is exactly as it says~ It’s my personal tumblr that reblog whatever on.)

Facebook Page

(I don’t post much on this page to be honest. I’m going to be focusing more on the tumblr linked to this site until I feel like I can put more attention to this page. For now, every time I post it will end up on that page so you can use it to keep up with when I post.)