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Hoshizora Kiseki 星空キセキ

I’m baaacckk!~ I’m hoping to get through everything that I meant to in the past before I move on to bigger and better things with this blog! And since I haven’t been here in a while, feel free to send me some suggestions for posts.

I’m still working on getting through all my stuff from Japan and I hope to get through the spring anime that I never finished, but for now have this:

Hoshizora KisekiHoshizora (1)


Watanabe Akio   渡辺明夫

Matsubara Toshikazu   松原俊和


28 minutes

This can be watched for free on Hulu here.

Title Translation

星空 ほしぞら starry sky

キセキ miracle; wonder; marvel

  • This is supposed to be written in hiragana. Words are sometimes put in katakana to add emphasis.

Translation: The Starry Sky Miracle

No Spoiler’s Review

Hoshizora Kiseki is a 28 minute Japanese animated short film that was released in 2006. If you’re looking for something short and sweet, this would be a good anime for you.

Kozue, the main character.

The story line revolves around Kozue who loves stargazing and is in the Astronomy club at her school. She goes on a trip to see a meteorite fall from the sky when she meets Ginga, a strange boy in an astronaut suit.

This anime was fairly good a executing the story considering the amount of time they had to work with. They somehow managed to get a lot of information across about what was going on in the plot.

It’s an underlying romance story which I felt whatever about, but for what it was worth, I thought it was okay.

**Just a little side note that you should watch a little past the credits. There’s extra scenes that you can watch.**

The Spoiler Review

I don’t know if it was just the version I was watching on Hulu, but the video was slightly crappy quality with high saturated frames that were kind of annoying to watch at times. Also, one of the things I dislike about subtitles is when they are yellow. It’s such an annoying color and I would so much rather have white subtitles!

Ginga, the more interesting of the two.

Anyways, the art style was okay although there were a couple times that the characters looked a little weird to me. The characters themselves were okay in design, but Ginga was the only one that was relatively interesting looking.

As far as the plot goes, I don’t know how I feel about it. It was okay (this whole show is just generally okay). There was nothing spectacular about it and given the time frame, it made the story a bit cliche.

And was it just me, or did anyone else miss the whole thing about Ginga being able to know everything about the stars/satellites or whatever? I didn’t realize anything about that until I read the Wikipedia page for this anime.

And that whole scene he was naked was just really weird! Or maybe I would have been fine with it had it been animated better, but just watching made me cringe a little.

hoshizora 3
I see, my body is naked.

In one of the classes I’m taking this semester, my teacher talked about how to look at films and the way they are made; how each angle and the framing of a shot can affect the way a story is told. From that, I was able to notice really interesting shots that were in this film like the one I took a screenshot of below:

20060827_160390There was another part that looks like they maybe didn’t have time or budget to make a scene out of it but I still thought it was interesting so I took a screenshot of it too. It’s a part where Kozue is trying to get Ginga’s attention which can be seen below (Ginga is the one sitting in the front row seats of the planetarium):

hoshizora 2

All in all, if you have some time to kill and you don’t want the commitment of a full series, this one could be a good one to watch. I thought it was an okay short anime for what it was worth.

I didn’t mean to write long paragraphs for this review. For now on, I’ll be going back to the way I usually post with bullet points. It’s so much easier and takes less time! And its definitely easier to read too.

I hope to work on more interesting posts instead of just doing reviews so look forward to that!