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Atelier’s Escha & Logy: Ep. 1

Atelier’s Escha &  Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (Ep. 1; Aired April 10th)


This show is one of the ones this season that didn’t impress me like Black Bullet (which I’m currently working on a post for).

  • Atelier was adapted from a video game and it definitely had those moments that it felt more like a video game and less like an anime. It was something that could be seen in some of the dialogue of the show where it felt just kind of off.
  • I really liked the character design though. It wasn’t too over the top, but it had interesting elements like Escha’s hat and tail.


  • The alchemy in the show kind of confuses me (with the purpose and such). This comment probably doesn’t make sense, but I hope they tell more about alchemy in the future episodes.
  • And apparently Escha and Logy aren’t that great at alchemy?? I don’t understand why they would send them out on missions when all we’ve seen of Escha’s alchemy is her making an apple tart.
Escha and Logy on their way to do nothing important.
  • I liked how the opening showed a lot of world building. The song was okay though, but I think it fit the style and feeling of the show.

Asuiro by Rie Murakawa

  • The ending video could have been better. It was just zooming in and out on the girl who lives in the ruins and they could have done so much more with it. I love her character design though!

Fuyumidori by Haruka Shimotsuki

This isn’t a show that looks like its going to have character development or a deep plot, but who knows, maybe it’ll get better. I’m definitely interested in the Ruins in the sky and who is the one that lives there.


Fairy Tail: Ep. 176

I recently got the premium anime subscription to crunchyroll (it’s the two week free trial, but I’m going to continue it when the trial is up). The subscription lets you watch shows in 1080p and ohmygod it’s so worth it. I watched Captain Earth (which I’ll be posting about soon) which is a mecha anime and takes place partially in space and the quality was so beautiful. Seriously, it’s only $7 a month and it’s so worth it.


Fairy Tail (Ep. 176; Aired April 5th)

So this is totally my bias show and I’m so excited it’s back!! To kind of remind me of what was going on, I watch episodes 159 and 171 – 175. It seems random, but to me the episodes Lucy is being attacked by Raven Tail and Sabertooth were powerful so I felt I should start with them. One thing to mention about this series is yeah it has a lot of fan service, but it’s not like the female characters are really

Lucy during her battle with Flare
Lucy during her battle with Flare

stupid and can’t hold their own. They’re depicted as being just as powerful as the guys and it’s just different the way they’ve made it like that. During these episodes, Raven Tail pretty much beat Lucy to a pulp but she got right back up and then was attacked even worse by Sabertooth right after that. When she fought, her fighting was just as good as anyone else’s in the magic games. The creators of the series also do a great job with making intense moments like these that will make you sit at the edge of your seat in excitement.

When the first scene came up that was foreshadowing, I admit I was slightly confused and thought I had missed an episode or something (and thankfully I didn’t!). Since the series is restarting after being cancelled, they’ve changed some aspects of the animation and it’s looking really good! The title sequence was made to look a lot cleaner and someone on tumblr mentioned that they changed the way Sting looks which I didn’t really notice until they pointed it out, but I can kind of see it now.

My thoughts exactly Sting

Speaking of Sting, OHMYGOD HOW COULD THEY DO THAT TO LECTOR???? My heart literally broke in half! I’m such a cat person so it totally killed me when that happened. Jiemma can just go die in a hole. **Okay I just spoiled what happens with that when I looked up Jiemma’s name because I thought his name was Ivan. I haven’t watched this series in a while so just bear with me please.** But still, he shouldn’t have done that to Lector and thank god Sting attacked him for it. Also, him and Rogue should just go to Fairy Tail and join their guild – it needs to happen! I’m liking them now and I can’t bear to see them with Sabertooth any longer.

What’s cool now though is dragons are going to start taking a part in the series.

Seeing the foreshadowing of the “end of the world” scenes makes me want to know what’s going to happen! (I haven’t read the manga so I have -no- idea what could happen although I feel like I should read it now so I can find out!)

Erza not liking fish that the fish ruined her cake
Erza not liking fish that the fish ruined her cake

Anyways, it’s nice to see all of my favorite characters back to their usual craziness. I love watching this show so much! I think every anime watcher should at least watch one long anime series and this would be the show I’d recommend. There’s so much character development and arcs so there is less filler episodes than there could have been (I’m someone who doesn’t care too much about filler episodes so there might be some in this series and I just didn’t notice).

And why hasn't this happened yet?!? Fairy Tail, you need to get on that!
And why hasn’t this happened yet?!? Fairy Tail, you need to get on that!

For the opening theme, I’m loving it! I’m a huge fan of K-Pop so there’s no doubt I’d like a song sung by BoA. I can’t stop dancing to it! I’m still waiting for the full version of the song to come out so hopefully that’ll be soon. Even though I am loving the song, with darker themes and “end of the world type stuff, it didn’t really seem to fit with what was happening. As for the ending, my first thought was that the song itself was okay but after rewatching it and looking into it more closely, I’m starting to like it more. The tone of it is definitely perfect for an ending theme. Also can I just say that I’m loving how they’re playing into the NaLu fandom and I’m just loving it! This needs to happen like…NOW!!

Opening Theme

Masayume Chasing by BoA

Ending Theme

Kimi to Kare to Kanojo to by BREATHE

Selector Infected WIXOSS: Ep.1

Well, here it is! The start of the spring anime season! It’s been a good start with some definite hits in my opinion and a couple shows that didn’t quite get there (or at least not just yet).

**A few side notes: The first is that sorry if what I write seems off, but I’m writing paragraphs based on notes I’ve scribbled down. The second is that I totally screwed up with the method I post so because of that I’m already behind in my posting. I thought I was going to do one long post, but I didn’t realize I had so much to say about these shows so now I’m going to do one post per series. I’m doing my best to catch up but I also have two papers to write this week and one of them is already past the due date. I’m trying though and I’ll get them out as soon as I can!!**


Selector Infected WIXOSS (Ep. 1; Aired April 4th)

So pretty!~ Love the coloring in this!
So pretty!~ Love the coloring in this!

I’m not sure how I feel so far about this show. It started off as an introduction episode so it hasn’t gotten very deep into the characters or the plot. The story revolved around a card game where ‘selectors’ are girls that can control a certain powerful card. If they keep winning battles with these cards, then they can have a wish granted. The way that they battled seemed to me like a mix of Yu-Gi-Oh and Black Rock Shooter (Yu-Gi-Oh because of the card set up and Black Rock Shooter because they enter a different dimension to battle).

I liked the character design and there’s one scene in the first minute or two that they show the sky and it was so pretty! This season’s animes seem to be spending

Tama during battle
Tama during battle

a lot of time on great animation of the sky and its really paying off.

So far I’m really liking Tama and I’m very interested in seeing her character development with those premonitions that they kept showing. Even though she’s one of my favorites, I’m not really liking the squeaky cat voice – I’m hoping Ruuko first wish is that Tama could actually talk! Also is there twin love in this show?? (Or at least one sided twin love). I slightly missed what happened with that so I was slightly confused.

I like how the opening theme’s video shows each of the selectors with who they battle with. So far in the series they’ve only shown two of the selectors so I’m really interested in seeing the next characters being introduced too. The song is ‘Killy killy joker’ and is sung by Kanon Wakeshima which is a huge plus for me! With the ending theme, it didn’t have the same effect as the opening. The way that they put the clips together was interesting, but what the clips actually were didn’t seem to fit with the series or have any importance. The song, ‘realize -Yume no Matsu Basho-‘ by Cyua, was okay. In the beginning, the piano sequence sounded like the ending for One Liter of Tears and I don’t the memories of that show to come back up – too depressing!!

I have high hopes for this series so that’s why I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet. The first episode wasn’t as exciting as it could have been, but they keep foreshadowing to the more exciting parts which makes me want to keep watching it. Hopefully it’ll start picking up soon!

Opening Theme

Killy killy joker sung by Kanon Wakeshima

Ending Theme

realize -Yume no Matsu Basho- sung by Cyua

Spring Anime Season 2014: Start Dates

I’m putting together this list of all the anime’s I want to watch along with their start dates. This is just so it makes it easier for me to keep track of all of these shows and so you guys know around when you can expect posts about them (Although with the amount of shows and the amount of school work, I need a few days from the day they’re aired to post).

Also, one of my friends has her own wordpress blog and she’ll also be watching this coming anime season. Her blog is the Rambling Anime Blog so go check it out! Her list is a little different than mine so you can see more variety this season. You can see her list of shows here and you can see part one of my list here and part two here.

So for this coming season, the start dates of the shows I’ll be watching are:


Start Date: April 4th


悪魔のリドル (Akuma no Riddle)

Selector Infected WIXOSS


Start Date: April 5th


フェアリーテル (Fairy Tail)


Start Date: April 6th


キャプテン・アース(Captain Earth)

極黒のブリュンヒルデ (Brynhildr in the Darkness)

神々の遊び  (Kamigami no Asobi)

魔法科高校の劣等生 (The Outcast of Magical School)

それでも世界は美しい(Even So, the World is Beautiful)


Start Date: April 7th


一週間フレンズ (One Week Friends)


Start Date: April 8th


ブラック。ブレット (Black Bullet)

魔法少女大戦 (Magica Wars)


Start Date: April 9th


ノーゲーム・ノーライフ (No Game, No life)


Start Date: April 10th


イスカ&ロギーのアトリエ  ~黄昏の空の錬金術士~(Atelier’s Escha &  Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky)

ご注文はうさぎですか? (Is the order a rabbit?)

棺姫のチャイカ (Chaika: The Coffin Princess)


Start Date: April 11th


シドニアの騎士 (Knights of Sidonia)


Start Date: April 13th


メカクシティアクターズ(Mekaku City Actors)


Start Date: April 22th


M3 ソノ黒キ鋼 (M3 Sono Kuroki Hagane)

Spring Anime Season 2014! (Part 2)

Since I’m such a horrible person who never does things on time, I’m doing this post as a make up for not getting the female titan tutorial ready. I’m going to work on it today and hopefully get it out by tonight but if not, it’ll be done by tomorrow or the next day. I’m working hard on it so just bear with me!

Anyways, here’s the other half of the anime list that I’m interested in for this season! Everything looks good so I’m rooting for them to do well!



神々の遊び  (Kamigami no Asobi) – A supernatural romance with a male harem. [ANN link] [trailer]

I can already hear the fangirling this show is going to get. As the story goes, one of the characters, Yui, has to teach these young and handsome gods the meaning of love because their ties between them and the world of the humans is weakening. From the looks of it, this anime could go one of two ways and it’d be pretty easy to go in the bad direction.


M3 ソノ黒キ鋼 (M3 Sono Kuroki Hagane) – A mecha anime. [ANN link] [trailer]

There’s only one word that describes my excitement for this anime: MECHAAA! Even though I haven’t watched many mecha anime’s – not even the most famous ones! It’s horrible, I know! – I have a secret obsession with it and the fact that there’s one coming out this season is truly exciting!!



魔法少女大戦 (Magica Wars) – An action series with magical girls. [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a cell phone game)

Okay, so the concept art for this anime is absolutely stunning and it makes me want to make all of their outfits! This anime has a really interesting concept that each character is from a different area of Japan. Each of the voice actors portraying these characters are from these areas of Japan so that they’re accents and the way that they speak is authentic. The episodes themselves are only 4 minutes long which worries me after watching Pupa. Hopefully they’ll be able to work with it well and create an amazing show!


魔法科高校の劣等生 (The Outcast of Magical School) – A school anime with magic, romance, and science fiction. [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a novel and is also a manga)

I’m liking the concept so far from the looks of the trailer. My favorite part of this is the design of their magic. I’m curious as to what else they will do with it though and to see how the story goes because it looks promising.


メカクシティアクターズ (Mekaku City Actors) – A psychological mystery and science fiction with romance. [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a vocaloid song series and has since become several light novels and a manga series)

When I was first looking at this series, it didn’t say it was created from a vocaloid series and once I found out, it explained a lot since the characters do have a very vocaloid-like character design. The voice actor of Yukiteru Amano from Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) is going to be voicing one of the characters in this show and I’m excited to hear it! I thought I’d recognized her voice, but I originally thought she voiced Yukine from Noragami and I was surprised to see she was Yukki!


ノーゲーム・ノーライフ (No Game, No life) – A fantasy adventure and comedy.     [ANN link] [trailer]

With the colors, character design, and magic, from what you’ve seen me type so far, then you would know that this is the perfect combination for something I would be interested in watching! An alternate universe anime where everything is decided by games, this anime looks to be a must watch of the season.


Selector Infected WIXOSS – A fantasy/horror(ish) series(?) [ANN link] [trailer] [trailer 2]

I’m writing my first thoughts on the previews in alphabetical order so my thoughts are all over the place. So forget everything I’ve said before because this anime is definitely the one I’m the most excited for! It looks intense, the visuals are amazing, and it looks like it has a little bit of horror influences. It’s rated 17+ so it’s going to be an anything goes type of show so I can’t wait to see it!! Also, Kanon Wakeshima sings the opening theme which is another exciting thing I can’t wait for!


シドニアの騎士 (Knights of Sidonia) – [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a manga)

Looking at the trailer, the animation for the characters is a little bizarre, but it takes place in space so that might be why. On the ANN website, it says this anime is a space opera and I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough… I just hope its nothing like Day of Our Lives or some other horrible soap opera!


それでも世界は美しい (Even So, the World is Beautiful) – [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a manga)

 I’m not so sure about this show to be honest. The story is about a princess being married off to a prince, but it turns out he’s much younger than her. It seemed intriguing to watch so that’s why I put it on my list so we’ll see how it goes!~


I was originally going to watch Mangaka and His Assistants, but when I was doing more research on it, it seemed it was a little too much for me to handle so instead I’ll be watching this anime:


キャプテン・アース (Captain Earth) – Science fiction mecha anime. [ANN link] [trailer]

Meachaaaaa!!! I want to see this one!! In the trailer, I’m in love with the song playing in the background and I’ll definitely be adding it to my playlist!


This is all I have for anime series coming out this season! I’ll be doing another one or two posts about the films, short series, and OVAs coming out also. I’ll be watching those towards the end of the season though so look forward to that!

Have anything you’re looking forward to this season? Tell me! I want to know what everyone is interested in!

The Upcoming Spring 2014 Anime Season!

This post is a part 1 of many posts about the upcoming anime season and what I’m looking forward to. There’s so many shows that I am looking forward to so it’s going to be hard to choose! I’m definitely going to try to watch different kinds of anime to broaden what I watch – I usually watch supernatural, horror, science fiction, etc kind of anime, but I’m adding a school themed anime and some harem anime. I don’t how well it’s going to go, but we’ll see…

*Later today or tomorrow morning, I am going to be posting my cosplay tutorial for the female titan so look out for that!!*

Akuma no Riddle

悪魔のリドル (Akuma no Riddle) – A yuri action series with a school theme. [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a manga)

I’ve never watched a yuri series in which it focuses just on the two main characters. From the trailer it looks intense and not so much fan service so I’m interested in how this turns out. One thing I really like about the character design is their eyes! They’re so pretty!


イスカ&ロギーのアトリエ  ~黄昏の空の錬金術士~ (Atelier’s Escha &  Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky) – A fantasy series. [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a video game and is also a manga)

I’m really liking the character design for this one! Especially with their clothing! It really makes me want to cosplay them!~ My friend was telling me that anime’s adapted from video games don’t really turn out that great, but I’m hoping this will one will turn out differently.


ブラック。ブレット (Black Bullet) – A science fiction action and mystery series. [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a novel and is also a manga)

Can I just say the use of colors in this anime – or at least with the trailer – is amazing! If there’s anything that hooks me into watching a show, its the use of colors and this one really does an amazing job with it! As a kind of  post-apocalyptic series, this is definitely my kind of show and I can’t wait to see it!

301657フェアリーテル (Fairy Tail) – A fantasy, adventure series with a lot of comedy and quite a bit of fan service. [ANN link] [trailer]

Last year, this series stopped due to a cancellation, but it’s finally up and running again!! I’m in love with this show and I can’t wait to finally watch it again! It is a long series (they’ve reached up to 175 episodes so far), but I can tell you this: The character development and the quick-witted humor makes it a definite must see. I wanted one of my friends to see it after I had already watched most of what was out at the time. Going back to the first episode, I was shocked that this was the same characters because they went through so much character development. After we had watched the first episode, I had to tell her, this is not what it’s like for the rest of the series. If you had to watch one long running series, this would be it. I definitely recommend it!


ご注文はうさぎですか? (Is the order a rabbit?) – A comedic, slice of life moe series. [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a manga)

I’ve never watch a slice of life moe series so I don’t know how this is going to turn out to be honest, but this series looks really cute though. I am going to give it a chance though, I’m not writing it off just because it’s something I don’t normally watch and I think I would like it so that’s why I chose it. From this series, I feel like I’m mostly interested in how the story-line plays out and I’m looking forward to see how it does.


極黒のブリュンヒルデ (Brynhildr in the Darkness) – A psychological fantasy with mystery, romance, and harem. [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a manga)

I’m really liking this series a lot! Harems are another thing I’m not very familiar with so I’m curious as to how this will play out in this series. This show has a lot to do with the search for aliens so that automatically makes this a must watch in my book. Since it’s a mystery and a psychological fantasy, I’m looking forward to this aspect of it also.


棺姫のチャイカ (Chaika: The Coffin Princess) – An fantasy adventure with assassins, bounty hunters, and magical creatures. [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a novel and is also a manga)

I’m really loving the use of colors in this series also and I like the character design for Chaika – a sorceress who carries a coffin around. I’m very curious as to what the coffin is for and how this series will turn out. It’s made by the company BONES which has also made Noragami, Wolf’s Rain, Fullmetal Alchemist, and No. 6 – all of which I loved so I’m really excited for this one!


一週間フレンズ (One Week Friends) – School drama about friendship. [ANN link] [trailer]

(Adapted from a manga)

I think I’m gunna die from the cuteness of this show and how romantic it is!! This is because it’s about how Yuuki notices a girl in his class, Kaori. It seems that she never has any friends around and he finds out that  it’s because she loses her memory every week. Despite this, he decides to become her friend every week. I want to find out what happens in this relationship so I can’t wait to see it when it comes out!!