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1. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Movie Poster

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

1919 (Germany)

This movie is the first movie listed in the 101 Horror Movies book. It’s a black and white silent film directed by Robert Wiene.

For a silent film, I really liked it. I thought I would be bored and lose interest, but it wasn’t the case.

To summarize the plot of the film, its about one of the characters, Francis, telling someone of a fair that came to his town in Germany that him and his friend Alan attend.

There, they see Dr. Caligari who has Cesare as his attraction. Cesare is a somnambulist that Dr. Caligari claims can see the future.

Somnambulist was a new word for me so I looked it up and it’s just a fancy way of saying sleepwalking. It’s a word that’s used in the film so I looked it up so I could understand what they meant.

Continuing on though, Alan asks Cesare when he will die and Cesare’s response to this was that Alan would die before the next morning. This becomes true with Alan being murdered so they try and discover the culprit of the crime, but of course they blame the ‘monster’ and go after him.

It was a great movie that had a pretty good story line and interesting way of filming. The story line, at times, I wasn’t sure what was going on, but overall it was good.

The way the set was made though was cool. Even though they didn’t have the money to make it better, what they had was great. Especially with how it goes with the ending.

I just liked seeing an old film that shows what they were really like at that time and how much its approved since then.

My Ratings (out of 5):

Plot: 5

Acting: 4

Set: 5

Cinematography: 3

Film Quality: 2 (it was an old film so the quality wasn’t that great)

Overall: 4

Scary (in my opinion)? No

Recommend it? Yes

Where did I find it/watch it? Youtube


101 Horror Movies Intro

I bought a book a Newbury Comics today called 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die.

I just wanted to write a little intro to say that I’ll be watching the films in order as they are written in the book (by date released).

When I’m finished watching them I’ll rate them and write reviews.

If you’ve watched some of these films, please say so and what you thought of it! I want to hear your opinions too!

I’m excited to start this and if there are any suggestions that you want to share, feel free to comment or email me.