Pupa: Review




Mochizuki Tomomi

2014 (Japan)

On the long list of anime coming out for the Winter 2013/2014 season, this one caught my eye. An intriguing story with beautiful concept art, this one was something to check out.

Originally a manga (Story & Art by Mogi Sayaka) adapted into an anime, it tells the story of Yume who contracts the Pupa virus, turning her into a monster with an unsatisfied hunger of human flesh. Her older brother Utsutsu, in hopes of deterring his sister from killing, sacrifices his body to feed her.

Since, unfortunately, I have not read the manga, this review will be solely based on the anime adaptation.

One of the pictures shown in the opening.

So far, only 6 of the projected 12 episodes have come out. What sets this apart from the other anime that have been released is the amount of time per episode: 5 minutes with 1 of those minutes taken up by both the opening and the ending (each only 30 seconds long).

Even though with each episode being so short, the story moves along quickly and gets straight to the point, it loses the emotional connection to the characters. The plot though is set up in a way that it creates the desire to know what happens, but it doesn’t have that absolute need of ‘I need to know what happens now or I think I might die.’

Despite what the concept art might look like, this show is a part of the horror genre with gore and fantasy. What this anime did pretty good on was the creepiness factor. A the moment the title of the episode is shown, there’s the sound of an insect crawling and then flying away that made me shiver.

pupaThere’s also flashbacks to the birth of Yume that makes you kind of squeamish with how eerie it is. And the sound of her eating her brother was done very well as it made me want to crawl out of my skin.

Something that I regrettably do is that, whenever I’m watching anime, I mostly skip over the opening themes and I don’t really bother with the endings. I am trying to stop the bad habit by using them as a part of the reviews.

The opening itself, as it is only 30 seconds long, doesn’t have much to offer. The video only consists of showing six pictures going down the screen and at the end, it just shows the title.

The theme song that’s played is titled “pupa” and it’s by Ibuki Kido and Eri Yamazaki which, for someone who usually skips over the theme songs, I really enjoyed. You can listen to it below:

As for the ending, it had a little more content to the video and was a little more eye catching. With that so, it probably should have been used for the opening instead.

The ending song was “Dare yori Suki na no ni (誰より好きなのに)” by Kusuma San Shimai. The song itself was okay, but it didn’t seem to fit with the fact that this is a horror anime. You can listen to it below:

So far, this has been an ‘okay’ anime. It’s not my favorite per say, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I am keeping in mind that there are only 6 of the 12 episodes out so I’ll be doing another post once it has aired fully.

I do look forward to watching the rest as I do want to know what happens and the reasoning as to what’s going on.

My Rating:

Out of a scale of 1 – 10, I give this anime (so far) 6 Pupa’s!

If you want to catch the series and see what this is all about, it’s streaming on Crunchyroll here:


If you have any question, comments, or things you want to add, please comment below! Just keep in mind about spoilers!


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